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Hardware: Sometimes You Get Lucky

There is a unique server in my rack at the data center that performs a very specific task. Being strictly firewalled, both internally and externally, and having shown no signs of impending failure, I reluctantly rebooted it today to apply updates to the OS and

Custom Home Office File and Dev Server

I have built plenty of “servers” over the years. That is, home-built machines pieced together with consumer-grade hardware and packed with hard drives to serve files and other services across my home and small office networks. My first file server build was for a vast

Charging Mobile Devices while Traveling

The Mobile Battery Life Crisis

I held out as long as I could, I really did. I stuck with smartphones that had removable batteries so I could field-swap a fresh, fully charged battery into my phone in a matter of seconds while traveling or just when away from my charger

Pebble Smartwatch weather watch face

Review: You Should Own a Pebble Smart Watch

Smart watches are starting to become popular, though the trend in this particular style of wearable technology hasn’t really caught on yet for a number of key reasons. Mostly, battery life is an issue, and this is largely because manufacturers have decided that consumers require

I Mine Digital Money

Bitcoin. By now, you have surely heard of it. The digital currency (or is it a commodity?) created in 2008 and officially launched in 2009, made headlines in late 2013 when it reached dizzying prices on the open markets and grabbed the attention of some

GAW Cloud Miner Hashlet

GAW Hash Market’s Ridiculous Fees

Months ago when I was still buying specialized hardware for mining altcoins (digital currencies other than bitcoin), I purchased a hardware product from GAW Miners. At the time, they had just launched their cloud mining service, called ZenCloud, which lets customers interested in mining bitcoin

Completed LED Button box for Children

DIY Geeky Children’s Toy: LED Button Box

My little girl loves pressing buttons. As soon as she became aware that buttons existed she was drawn to anything that has them. If the buttons actually do something, she’s absolutely enthralled. She’s a good kid, even as a toddler under the age of two,